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"You Can Hack That"- Oracolo Lamp

By now you might know that I have a serious lighting addiction. There are only 100+ lights that I wish I had in my house. At this point some of our lights don't even get used... they just serve as décor (psycho? maybe.)

Recently, a pedestalled globe light has caught my attention. It's been featured in a Jen Talbott project, the newest Montauk Airbnb by Studio Robert Mckinley, and images from Carefully Picked.

Are you in love as much as me yet?

After doing some research, I couldn't find the exact light, but I did find the notorious Gae Aulenti Oracolo light designed for Artemide (1969). For hacking purposes, I wanted to do the white light shown in the above photos, but if you want to shop the look or find out more about Gae check out the linked photos below.

The Hacking....


  1. Globe Light (Suggest the Ikea FADO Lamp)

  2. Round Metal Duct Pipe (8" x 24")

  3. Rust-Oleum Spray- Satin Almond

  4. Tape

  5. Scissors

I thrifted my globe light from an estate sale a few years ago for $10, but the Ikea FADO Lamp is almost identical and is still only $25. You can purchase metal duct at just about any hardware store for around $7. I suggest taking the lamp with you to make sure it sits nicely within the duct.(Note: People will probably look at you like you're crazy...who cares)

You'll notice in the original fixture, there's a silver rim just below the globe light. I wanted to have the same detail, so I taped off about an inch of the top of the duct before spray painting. I used Rust-Oleum Almond, but you can obviously use any variation. I kinda like the idea of lavender or cobalt blue.

I did two coats of spray paint to make sure the paint was even. Once dry, I removed the tape, added the globe to the top, cut a small cord hole at the bottom of the duct and installed. It's so fun in my study and really adds a nice little glow in the evening. Overall, this project cost me less than $20. If you purchase a new globe light you're still looking at less than $40 for a $3000+ light. Now that's a hack!

Final Install!

Until Next Time,

⋒ ME

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