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"You Can Hack That"- LRNCE Wall-Hanging

35mm original photo of LRNCE studio

2020 has been stressful to put it lightly. Some days I just want to veg out and do nothing, other days I'm full of ideas and hacks. This hack is inspired by LRNCE fiber art. It's a very easy and tactile hack that might help you with your 2020 anxiety. If you're U.S. based, you probably really need this right now.

I discovered LRNCE via Instagram a few years ago. The patterns and abstract visuals are unlike anything I've seen, bringing a unique modern take on traditional Moroccan pieces. LRNCE ranges from ceramics, houseware, art, furniture, clothing, and more. Of course, when we travelled to Marrakesh, we ventured out to the LRNCE studio to see where the magic happens and bring home a few goodies for ourselves. To learn more about the creator and company you can check out this Architectural Digest article.

35mm original photo of LRNCE studio

35mm original photo of LRNCE studio

I started redoing my home office and was looking for cheap hacks I could do to fill the space. After examining one of our LRNCE pieces, I realized I could easily make something similar. (Obviously never recreate because their stuff is too good!)

The Hacking....


  1. Photo Frame (I used this... Ikea HOVSTA)

  2. Yarn (it's better to use something thicker)

  3. Cotton Batting

  4. Glue (prefer tacky glue)

I chose a pattern that LRNCE already had, but once you become comfortable with the process you could easily come up with your own designs.

First, I wrapped the frame with Cotton Batting. I chose this for the fabric's texture and natural look. You could use a linen or canvas too.

Next I created my braided yarn patterns. Cut three long pieces of the yarn color of your choice. Tie a knot at one end of the yarn bunch and tape it to a surface (table, clip board, art board). Braid the strands using a typical braid technique. If you need a refresh here is a video that can help. Knot the braid at the end to keep it tight. Repeat for all yarn shapes needed for your creation.

After braiding, create your abstract shape layout.

Lastly, glue down the the braids to the cotton batting. I used hot glue, but that can get messy for some people so I suggest tacky glue(it's my favorite). Clip the ends of braids and glue them down in a way that hides the seams. And well... that's it. Place it and you have a cool LRNCE inspired piece.

Overall, the hack costs $30 give or take. I already had the frame, but you could thrift it or buy mine from IKEA for $10. I bought my yarn and batting from Joanns for about $20 (always use a coupon here). I also have a ton of yarn and batting left over for another project down the road.

You can shop the look here if you aren't feeling craft.. no shame. LRNCE ZIBEB

Until Next Time,

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